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Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown- Blue Sky Studios

Ice Age 2 Animation Crew - April 2005
- Ice Age 2 Crew Photo (At the very start of production)


Ice Age 2 Showreel
36 shots in the movie totalling roughly 2.5 minutes! If you haven't seen this movie yet, I suggest watching it before checking out the reel. It's kinda like listening to commentary before watching the don't want to do that, do you? Good. Very good.

19M - 2.5 Minutes - Quicktime required


Robots - Blue Sky Studios

Robots Animation Crew - August 2004
- Robots Animation Crew Photo 01
- Robots Animation Crew Photo 02


Robots - Showreel
These shots were the better shots I had in Robots. The extraordinary supervisors, leads, and fellow animators helped push each shot in this reel. I had a few more shots to put on but these were the better ones...the ones I'm happiest with.

7M - 52 sec - Quicktime required


Blue Sky Animation Test
Blue Sky had me do an animation test for them. Here it is. Thank you Mike Walling!!!

1.3M - 13sec - Quicktime required


Jimmy Neutron Feature and Series animations


Jimmy Neutron feature- Demo Reel
Here are 4 shots from the Jimmy Neutron feature that I worked on that were used in my recent demo reel to Blue Sky Studios. These shots are the ones I'm most proud of from the feature. Thanks so much to my mentor, Renato Dos Anjos, for the guidance on these shots.

1.8M - 29sec - Quicktime required


The majority of the clips below took one week to animate. No lie!

You Bet Your Lifeform - Part 2 & 4






Attack of the Twonkies



Jimmy Timmy Power Hour



Love Potion #976/J


DNA/Jimmy Neutron Logos



Retroville 9




Grumpy Young Men




Beach Party Mummy



Sorry Wrong Era



Party at Neutrons



Work in Progress


Dialogue Work In Progress
Just something I was working on while in pre-production for Ice Age 2. I really like the line of dialogue but I doubt I'll finish it at home. The line is from Aqua Teen Hunger Force by the, Dana Snyder totally rocks!

Quicktime required